Conversion Stories – Hadley Arkes

He came into the Church on the 24th of April, a Saturday: Augustine, in 387, and I, last year. My entrance was not exactly a world-historical happening; it’s just that my friends treated it in that way. To my astonishment, they flew into Washington from Cleveland, Charlotte, Boston, and yes even from the People’s Republic of Amherst, Mass. Michael Novak acted as my sponsor, Michael Uhlmann and Daniel Robinson did the readings. And Fr. Arne Panula, who had drawn me in, after years of my holding back, offered the most memorable homily. (Bob Royal thought the event worth a report in the Catholic Thing, and with his lead I added my own – “Finalmente: Coming into the Church”).

via Coming into the Church – A Year Later.

I am interested in conversion stories – why did you go from there to here, or here to there.

Why are you where you are at now? (huh?)

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