Yes, the quotation marks on “conservative” are on purpose!

I am a conservative and one of the traits of a conservative is the ability to exercise, at least mildly, critical thinking and be reasonable. At least that’s what I thought! Conservatives don’t have to use hyperbole, innuendos, or practice the double talk and, especially, exaggerations and fake outrage common to the extreme left. Again, at least I thought so!

However in social media there seems to be a surge of a few SHADY conservative websites quoted often on Facebook (they’ll remain nameless) that make me feel ashamed that people who claim to be conservatives accept what these sites spew out. The fact is I unavoidably read them because, oh, they know how to hook you with a headline! When I do read the first lines however I see the trick: they bring up an overstatement of a minor issue, blow it out of proportion, exaggerate, cherry-pick their emphasis, and practice the same old falsehood seen in the dirty left wing website, mainly those financed by a certain billionaire.

Guess how and what these far from credible websites quote as support for their “reporting”???? Other websites just as shady as they are! When you click on those supposedly supporting links you read the same drivel supported by more of the same, that is, links from other websites with the same not-so-reputable credence.

I am tired of this! It used to be a practice of the political side that I despise but now it is creeping in, as a disgusting slimy bug who saw the light in a room, in mainstream genuinely conservative media! I am sick of it and won’t read articles quoted by these “I-can’t-live-outside-my-parents’-musty-basement” websites writers. All they want that you would spend hours watching the tabloid type of advertisement they publish anyway, such as “Mothers you can’t unseen”, “Hot brides you’ll never forget”, and similar not so instructive articles; everything but the article that called your attention.

I am sick of it! I’d rather read the mildly distorted, spin, in mainstream media and exercise judgment than to be hooked by some headline such as “Obama’s brother says this disgusting thing about him” with a picture of an apparent youtube link appealing to those who are hungry for the “dirty stuff” (admittedly, perhaps myself as of recently). But I can’t miss the opportunity to recommend to those in the left also stop reading material that calls a racist, a bigot anyone who wants a fair pro-American immigration policy, or one who is concerned with the influx of unidentified Arab refugees and would prefer that women and children only would come, but young man and able man would be fully vetted, or left in their country and fight the system they want to flee. All these issues can be open for disagreement and one can reasonably argue against them, but to jump to ad hominem, or labeling anyone something that merely serves to shut down debate, should be something unacceptable among thinking adults on both sides of the issue.

I am asking “conservative” shady websites to give me a break, but, actually I am giving them a break and no longer “click” on them, but I am also asking for the left to do the same! A couple of billionaires cannot, for their exclusive benefit, keep financing the formation of your opinion by making rich morons who would not have a life it would not be for their ability to vomit extremism for pay and who keep dividing us into every single little victims group they can.

Maybe we should all give a break and see that we are being nothing but pawns used in a game of political corruption.

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