Congress mandates that we subsidize Fox News

Fox News continues to lose viewers, but remains highly profitable. How can a network lose viewers, but increase profits? The answer is that Fox News demands the highest licensing fee from carriers in all of cable news. All subscribers pay an additional seventy eight cents a month to have Fox News carried on their system. This was an 11% increase in 2011 and one of the main reasons why Fox News can lose viewers, but set a record for profits.

Even if you never watch Fox News, as long as it is carried by your cable or satellite system, you are still adding to Rupert Murdoch’s fortune. If people really want to stop Fox News, they need to be pushing Congress to pass a la cart legislation that will allow viewers to pick and choose the networks that they want to pay for instead of being forced to subsidize channels that they can’t stand.

via Viewers Continue To Flee Fox News as Ratings Drop for a Second Straight Year.

So… wow…

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  1. I’ve been saying this for years. Both about Fox and that viewers should be able to pick and choose what channels they want to watch and pay for. How much money have I lost subscribing to cable that includes MTV or the Reality TV network?

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