Conflict drives evolution? Who’d thunk it?

A leading human origins researcher has come up with an idea that involves aggression between groups and the boom-bust cycles that have punctuated our spread into new environments.

Prof Ian Tattersall said there were few examples to rival the accelerated evolution that led to our species.

via BBC News – Conflict and ‘boom-bust’ explain humans’ rapid evolution.

First, love this stuff. This fits well with several pet theories of mine (Girard). Anyway… duh?

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3 Replies to “Conflict drives evolution? Who’d thunk it?”

  1. You actually believe that tripe? yet call yourself a christian and a follower of God? So you disobey God and listen to people whom He said NOT to listen to? Disobedience opens the door to let doubt and evil in to work their destructive ways on you.

    if I were you I would stop all teaching and re-examine your beliefs before it is too late. Right now you are saying that the secular world is greater than God and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

    1. Let’s see… what exactly have your provided in contrary to sound Scriptural teaching and sound scientific study?

      Ummm… nothing. You keep saying that we should trust you because you have some super secret version of the bible not understood by the ancients, but only by YEC’ers… yeah… you are a heretic.

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