Confederate History – True Religious Pluralism?

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Rodney and I have discussed some interesting aspects of Confederate history. One of them – he will actually examine the Confederate Constitution later, I think – is the inclusiveness of the Confederate Cabinet. It may surprise you that it was the Confederate cabinet which made history by including the first Catholic and the first Jew in a national office. (Although, as Rodney put it, you cannot say Federal, now can you?) (Also, notably, the Confederate Post Office was the first postal system to make a profit, but that is another story).

I have to wonder if Jefferson Davis’ time at Saint Thomas at St. Rose Priory helped him to overcome religious bigotry? Regardless, Secretary of the Navy Stephen Russell Mallory was a Roman Catholic while Secretary of War (later of State) Judah Philip Benjamin was a Jew.

I will be interested to see Rodney’s take on the sometimes rather progressive Confederate Constitution.

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  1. I don’t think we can call their constitution progressive per se, but may have had some ideas that were ahead of its time, progress for say, 1994. 🙂

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