Compromise: Just de-list from the Search Engines

Jim has a post up about the awesome site – I used it for the Biblioblog Carnival. As Jim has noted in the past, it is valuable tool.

Here’s the thing – I’ve noticed that the library is on Google – and high up there as well. That means it takes away hits. That means it takes away the value of the blog – such as book reviewing, etc…

I’m good with the library, with just a few tweeks, like no search engine listing.

And, if possible, a direct link back to my post. Shoot, I’d settle for a blurb, the search engines, and then… a direct link.


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9 Replies to “Compromise: Just de-list from the Search Engines”

  1. it never for a moment occurred to me that the site was simply harvesting and not backlinking to the actual posts. i suppose because i cant imagine anyone doing such a thing.

    what’s got me annoyed is both the fact that its being done and that i didnt notice it before you pointed it out.

  2. oh and i still want my page removed from his feed reader. i do not want to be included and i insist on my copyright being enforced.

  3. I’m sure there is a way to report them to Google for breach of copyright. They won’t stay high for long if that happens. Indeed as soon as Google notices they are simply copying content they will lose their ranking. That is, Google will do the tweak you suggest for them if they don’t do it themselves. But it would be more courteous to warn them before reporting them, if you think they are attempting a genuine Christian ministry and not just spammers.

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