Commercial Sex Industry, the Superbowl and the thin line between roles and objects

I know, I could be criticized about this line of thought, but the real difference between sex traffickers and those who view women as good for nothing else but wives and mothers is…. Well, for one, the latter is done in the name of God.

The crowd is starting to swell in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI, many looking for amusement until game time. And, the commercial sex industry is ready to oblige. You can be sure they’ve imported a generous supply of victim-prostitutes to be at the pleasure of countless game-goers in town. Local and federal officials acknowledge that organized prostitution accompanies major sports events like the Olympics, the World Cup and the Super Bowl. That’s where the big money is. (here)

When you have a society where women aren’t valued as human beings, for their talents, minds, hearts, and the like… for something more than what they can make or give a man, then what is to keep us from regulating them only to sex objects?

To help, see this post.

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