Commentary on 1 Chronicles 1

I’ve been listening to my New American Bible audio version on my commute back and forth to  adjuncting here lately.  And, I felt like I had some pretty important thoughts on 1 Chronicles 1 that I should post here as a commentary.


1 Chronicles 1 is a big long list of names.

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4 Replies to “Commentary on 1 Chronicles 1”

  1. I still don’t get how these two books fit into the whole Narnia series, though… VERY confusing. None of the people in 1 Chronicles 1 even appear in the the books… What’s that about?

  2. We might think of them just as names Jeremy; but to the Jewish people each one of those names represented a story in and of themselves.

    I don’t think the genealogies are meant to be rushed through as being boring lists – rather they are meant to be read in a reflective way about the stories of each and in doing so it builds up to a climax of belonging.

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