Coming Soon: Call for Papers/Abstracts, but until then….

We are putting together the call for papers which should be ready to go by Monday. So far, the target deadlines are 30 June for submission, 30 September for submission of final essays/papers and 31 October for handing over to the publisher.

Until we post the Call for Papers, I wanted to talk a little about the process and what we are looking at.

First, this book will be about believers who’ve made the transition from fundamentalism to mainline Christianity. Make no mistake about it – it’s a tough process. Not everyone makes it.

We are looking at limiting the use of the bible translations  so that it is easier for everyone and for the publisher when printing the copyright page. So far, we’re look at the NLT, REB, and NRSV. Sure, we’ll make allowances for the KJV.

Another thing we are discussing is that each essay will need to have a section entitled ‘The Great Wall.’ This will make it easier for readers to identify the moments of crisis, etc… We’ll also ask for the contributors to indicate where they came from and where they landed.

And, if needed, change the names to protect both the innocent and the guilty. No demonizing, but one has to tell the truth.

So… Thoughts?

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