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Open Theism. Interesting. But, instead of relying upon Wikipedia, Suzanne has a post up about Clark Pinnock which goes into Open Theism a bit:

Open theology rejects traditional theologies that portray God as an aloof monarch. Influential theologians of yesteryear often portrayed God as completely unchangeable, ultimately all determining, and irresistible. By contrast, Pinnock says the biblical vision presents a loving God who seeks relationship with free creatures. “The Christian life involves a genuine interaction between God and human beings,” he says. “We respond to God’s gracious initiatives and God responds to our responses . . . and on it goes.”

You can find the rest here:

Suzanne’s Bookshelf: Clark Pinnock.

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7 Replies to “Clark Pinnock – Open Theist”

  1. I think a god bound by human contingencies and suprised by human decisions would be a wimp of a god. Pinnock’s theology is custom-made for itching ears (2 Timothy 4: 1-4) The God of the Bible, the one true God, is sovereign over every spinning atom in the cosmos.


    1. Sam, I admit that this is one area that I am completely unequipped to discuss. For me, it would seem that a God who simply didn’t know couldn’t be sovereign.

  2. Open theism isn’t complicated. A sovereign God makes people like Pinncok uncomfortable. So they fashion a god that doesn’t have to deal with theodicy, since this being has to spend eons acting and reaction to human “free will.” Thi is just example of the de-godding of God. Another “American idol.” See Isaiah 44: 9-20

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