Church Administration Class is Depressing

I got to arrived at Buckhannon, West Virginia this afternoon for a my Church Administration Class. For about 6 hours or so, we discussed various administrators in the bible, the needed for Church Administration, etc… and I listened to others – all of them pastors – discuss what was happening in their church.



Namely because I realized that their goal was not to hide everything in a cloak of secrecy, but to help bring their church members into the fold, into the decision making process, and to really unite the congregation around a common mission – that is, sharing Christ with the world.

Coming from a Pastor-Only church, wherein the pastor controlled EVERY THING, hearing this saddened me in the fact that for so many years, people were coming and going and used only for numbers, when instead, had we tried to help them feel at home…

Well, you see what I mean.

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3 Replies to “Church Administration Class is Depressing”

  1. I hear ya’.

    I and the staff at our church (I am the only one not on staff going) are going to teaching in Ukraine in November. This is exactly what we will be teaching on – the practical application of Biblical leadership roles in supporting the unity of the body and the continuance of Christ’s mission. Those we will be teaching are going to be church planting pastors in that part of the world, and more easterly.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I think you’ll find that the Bible says that the head can’t live without various other parts of the body, and vice-versa. Too many pastors in our ex-fellowships did not take this to heart, Joel. It’s also what has driven so many good-hearted people out. If you drive too much wheat away, what remains? Chaff. As you know, I was not brought up in TCOJC, and I heard that quite often. As you know,one of the pastors/bishops does not believe that the Blood of Jesus Christ saves us. Did my lack of years “in this” make me somehow more spiritually dumb than this guy?

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