My Christmas Eve Litnany

Our Father who gave us His Son
So that we would become His Children

I pray for the work we have not done
for the children who deserve the world but get nothing to eat
For the abused who need peace
For the homeless who need safety
For the oppressed still
For our selfish desires, our whims, our fantasies of self-righteousness preventing us
from everything but mere prayers.

For justice that it becomes more than a word, a trend, and a hammer
For love that it is lifted high, held tightly, and freely given
For hope that we no longer seem to have
For humility to be wrong, humbleness to forgive, and meekness to repent

I pray that we seek to work that next Christmas families are together
Presence is counted more than presents
The tree is remembered as a sign
The baby is born
And Your favor is spread upon all

For parts of the one Church Universal
That our brokenness cease, unified upon the fullness of the knowledge of Christ
For spiritual abusers in high places
That their harm to Your name be undone
For those that seek the context of culture rather than the kingdom of the Son
That the Gospel is once again proclaimed that the Son we celebrate
Redeems His people from their sins.

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