Christians Rediscover Liturgies for Evangelism

Todd Hunter has stumbled upon something he believes is bringing former Christians back to church and has the potential to draw the unchurched.


Though liturgies have existed for hundreds of years, Hunter believes churches can employ those traditions for the present mission field.

“I feel like I’m 20 years late to Robert Webber’s party,” he said at the National Outreach Convention last week in San Diego, Calif. Webber, who dubbed the term “ancient future worship,” had called churches to blend contemporary worship styles with the liturgical practices of the early church.

Hunter, who is currently a bishop in the Anglican Mission In the Americas, had recently come across friends who found their Christian faith being restored through liturgies.

“I genuinely stumbled into this,” said the Anglican bishop who had grown up in the United Methodist Church.

Christians Rediscover Liturgies for Evangelism |


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