Christians MUST protest this

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah, known as Abu Islam, was shown in two videos posted online desecrating the Christian Bible. In one video, Abdullah stood before a large crowd and ripped up the holy book. In the second video, he told the camera, “Next time I will urinate on it.”

via Egypt to Hold Rare Blasphemy Trial for Man Who Tore Up Bible.

Egypt is going to try him for blasphemy.

Christians – well, most of us – do not consider Scripture an idol not able to be harmed. This is a freedom of speech issue – so, let us reconcile first.

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8 Replies to “Christians MUST protest this”

  1. Even in tearing up a Bible True Believers are not to sin in response. We are to follow the Biblical instruction to treat others as we would like to be treated; to pray for those who do evil; to do good to them; love our neighbors as ourselves; and to forgive .

    it is a different belief with different teachings which require different responses than the Muslim faith.

    we do not need to protest, we pray and act like Jesus commanded.

  2. Let me help to clear things up for your readers by asking, who do you say must be protested here? Abu Islam or the Egyptian govt?

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