Christian Marriage as Nonviolent Sacrament?

Take the time to read Rod’s post, but here, here is wisdom:

Just as a believer, in early Christian thought, was thought to have been capable of falling into apostasy, let us consider divorce to be a form of apostasy, a denial of God’s direct will from the beginning of Creation as well as a false testimony against God’s faithfulness revealed in the Cross of Christ. But more importantly, let us begin to view domestic violence in marital relationships as heresy: wife-beating and child abuse are attacks against the holy doctrine of the sanctity of marriage, the revelation that TWO members of an extended family or clan become ONE FLESH. It is in the oracles of the prophet Malachi that YHWH declares, “For I hate divorce, says the LORD, the God of Israel, and covering one’s garment with violence, says the LORD of Hosts. So take heed to yourselves and do not be faithless.” The sacrament of Christian marriage is a call to sexual fidelity and nonviolence in the holy covenant between a man and a woman.

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