Chime in: Guns for those on the Watchlist

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6 Replies to “Chime in: Guns for those on the Watchlist”

  1. If you are on the watch list – error on the side of safety for the general public. No guns. Prove that you do not belong there. Otherwise, live with it! Postpone your shooting of squirrels with an AR-15. I am sure you will not suffer too much emotional distress by delaying your purchase. Live with it. Maybe others will live longer because of it.

  2. I like the goal, but how many other rights can be suspended for being on TWL? Search and seisure; they could have an illegally purchased gun, so one may be wise to institute frequent surprise inspections of their home; banned from security work or law enforcement: the Orlando shooter had access to guns through employment. What about the damage that can be done through other activities. Publishing–voting. Do we want ISIS infiltrating enough sharia law adherents to influence an election (Hamtramck, Michigan)?
    I like the objective but as Christians we must not only do the right thing for the right reasons, but it must also be done the right way. I don’t see how. Maybe someone else can.

    1. “I like the goal, but how many other rights can be suspended for being on TWL?”

      Any, and all rights. The FBI took a liberal view, and screwed up. I am liberal. But I do not have anything to hide, and would find no problem in defending myself if questioned by the FBI. The paranoid NRA does not trust the government. By that definition, most of them need to be put on the watch list. If you don’t trust the government, then by definition, you are a loose cannon, that is making your own rules. An individual’s right ends, when it jeopardizes the safety of the majority.

      1. I suspect your view will prevail. A new world us forming. I am not long for this world and will not have to live in it. It is yours and your children’s and you are free to remake it as you please. I’m glad I spent life among people that with all their injustices had the means to correct them through devotion of principles of, “It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer,” and “I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” Those people brought some great social transformation to this world.
        I will suggest that sometime you consider that the bloody truth of history is that when a people willingly surrender rights for good cause, eventually comes a generation that wants them back. There is no way to do that without a lot of people getting hurt. I am not speaking of the 2nd Ammendment. Repeal it if you like. But, the way we are talking about sends many other principles to the grave with it.

        1. “when a people willingly surrender rights”…
          We are talking about, worst case, surrendering the right to a gun. Not, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the person losing the right to a gun, is a person on a “watch list”. I doubt if that person is going to suffer terribly if they don’t have a gun readily handy. Unless, of course, they are paranoid, do not trust the government, and plan on killing someone themselves, instead of calling the evil, terrible police. If that is the case, they have much more to worry about, than losing their ability to pull out a gun, and carry out justice themselves.

          1. Think our only difference is on the way. Trying to understand the guiding principles and maybe I’m over thinking. A case can be made for repeal of 2nd amendment in 2016. We have repealed amendments before, but it seems you are advocating governing ad hoc; that we can suspend a constitutional right without conviction of a crime for one specific purpose without any other principles being affected. If any and all rights can be suspended for people on TWL then why not make it really easy and exile everyone on the list? (BTW please don’t mention that idea to Donald Trump.)

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