Chief Justice John Roberts – New Liberal Hero

In a vote 6 to 3 5 to 4, the mandate for health insurance has survived. John Roberts, while not casting the deciding vote, voted with the perceived liberals.

John Roberts is a Catholic, by the way – and yes, in this instance, it matters given the stuff going on in the last few months.

Download and Read the Obamacare Ruling Here:

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5 Replies to “Chief Justice John Roberts – New Liberal Hero”

  1. Yeah, I hope all those on the loony left who called Chief Justice Roberts names and insulted him in the last few days will now apologize. After all the wacky right is calling him names and insulting him right now.

    As far as Roberts being Catholic, I don’t think it matters in the least.

  2. Are you saying certain members of the court aren’t really liberal or conservative but simply are perceived as such by the mass of uninformed ?

  3. In regards to Roberts being Catholic and the HHS Mandate, we will have to wait and see how the Supreme Court handles that eventual case. The Catholic Church in the US has been a proponent of affordable health care for all citizens for quite a long time actually. They have not called for the repeal ACA but rather change issues that deal with: 1) Federally funded abortion; 2) Conscience protection for religious institutions; 3) Protecting immigrant workers.

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