Chapter 7: Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today

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Continuing the internal dialogue with Wright’s excellent book!

Misreadings of Scripture

How pleasantly ironic…

Anyway, this should be an interesting chapter, although short, as he presents two categories, Right and Left and their misreadings:

And from the list for the Right – I think he means the Right, politically. Wow. Or conservative evangelicalism, especially in the United States in regards to Israel. Wow.

And the Left takes it on the philosophical, relatively speaking, rationalistic chin.

So far, in reading those lists, I can safely say that I cannot be described as neither one of them.

Woot! I’m going to Wrightian heaven!

He’s correct, that each side reacts to the other in various ways and it creates major problems.

These are the misreadings, because neither side actually explores the meaning of the text, at least in a historical way.

Okay, so one chapter left in the original work and then two case studies.


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