celebrating 50 years of the NIV (with free stuff)

In 1965, the Committee on Bible Translation, took on the most massive translation project of modern times: to prepare a contemporary English translation of the Bible from the best available original manuscripts.

Fifty years later, the New International Version remains the global standard as an accurate, beautiful, trustworthy translation of God’s Word. It’s faithful to the original text, rooted in everyday English, and perfect for biblical study—that’s what has made it the bestselling modern-English translation in the world.

And yes, there is some interesting stories about the NIV:

Additional stories related to Made to Study and the production of the NIV Study Bible: 

But wait… I said free stuff:

  • The free NIV 50th Anniversary Bible App (available in IOS and Android) provides free access to the NIV, additional quarterly content, and the notes from a variety of NIV Bibles for the 2015 calendar year
  • 365-day reading plan drawn from an NIV study or devotional Bible, delivered via email
  • An academic-level review of the translation philosophy of the NIV by Doug Moo (presented at the 2014 ETS meetings)
  • An infographic outlining the breadth and depth of NIV support materials produced for studying the Bible — more than any other English translation

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