Cat’s in the Cradle

My wife went with some of the United Methodist Women last night… I took the kids out.

Went to McDonalds…. some people there…. families… nearly every parent on some electronic device. Kids begging for attention.


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One Reply to “Cat’s in the Cradle”

  1. Many years ago, at an amusement park, I saw a guy who was there with his pager and laptop set up, talking on his cell phone, while his son ate chicken nuggets.

    I remarked that I hope I’m never so important that I can’t spend the day hanging out with my son at the park rather than having to be working the whole time.

    Most of us aren’t that important, anyway. One of the biggest reasons why I don’t want a “smart” phone is that I don’t even want the possibility of being one of those people.

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