Catholic Nuns Support the President, not the Bishops

They explain in their brief:

Amici curiae represent the leadership of Catholic women’s religious orders from across the United States. Amici and the orders they serve have a long history of public service in healthcare in America dating back to the 1700s. These services include founding hospitals and free clinics and providing free healthcare to the underprivileged and uninsured. The work by Amici gives them a unique perspective on the unmet healthcare needs of the poor, as well as on the positive impact that will result from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or the “Act”). . . .

Amici have witnessed firsthand the national crisis that prompted Congress to pass the ACA. In particular, Amici have seen the devastating impact of the lack of affordable health insurance and healthcare on women, children, and other vulnerable members of society.

Amici believe that a civilized society must ensure the provision of basic healthcare to its citizens regardless of their ability to pay for it. They further believe it is a moral imperative that all levels of government institute programs that ensure the poor receive such care. They believe Medicaid expansion under the Act is critical to the communities they serve.

Catholic Nuns File Brief Supporting Affordable Care Act | ThinkProgress.

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2 Replies to “Catholic Nuns Support the President, not the Bishops”

  1. Joel, there is nothing in that article that the Catholics bishops can’t support. Most of the Catholic leadership applauded health care reform when it was passed. The issue remains being forced to provided contraception and abortion services. Once again, issues are getting conflated and confused.

  2. the religious left trying to institute religious control through use of the cohersive power of the govt. Constatine would be proud.

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