Catholic Historian argues for(ish) Gay Marriage using Vatican II

When the subject of Christian marriage was taken up by the bishops at the Second Vatican Council in its document on “The Church in the Modern World,” they made a point of not repeating the old formula. In fact, they first discussed mutual self-giving and sharing as essential to marriage and only after spoke of its role in increasing and multiplying the human family. The bishops decided not to use any primary or secondary terminology in the document, and just to make the matter clear, insisted that “procreation does not make the other ends of marriage of less account” and that marriage was “not instituted solely for procreation.”

via Why church disdain for gay marriage is dead wrong | National Catholic Reporter.

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3 Replies to “Catholic Historian argues for(ish) Gay Marriage using Vatican II”

  1. I’m sure the establishment laughs to watch such “contortions to obey”.

    But the argument; I think that such arguments may be evaluated very readily. Just think of some incredibly absurd evil. Imagine that it is fashionable. Imagine that this evil may not be argued against in public; that the corrupt politicians and dishonest opinion-formers are all solidly in favour. Then see if the argument would work equally well, if applied to justify that evil.

    Usually such arguments would “prove” more or less anything; which makes them intellectually valueless.

  2. What a joke! To suggest that Vatican denied primary and secondary aspects of marriage because it didn’t use that language explicitly is outrageous. The footnotes of this section directly quote other sources that affirm that language. Who was the hack that wrote this? Whoever did has completely ignored the footnotes to make their point–and that’s horrible scholarship.

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