United Methodist Church

(Another) New Form Of Unity

I am going to do my best to be fair and to give credit where it is due. Bishop Jones

United Methodist Church

Unto the Church of Thyatira, write …


Another Inaccurate and Uninformed Letter

Continuing in the newest Methodist tradition, that of writing theologically inaccurate letters that do not actually reflect what the church

Christian Education

Do Our Pastors Know Methodism?

Another pastoral letter ( https://fumcfw.org/fumcnews/what-does-the-bible-say/) has made it into the limelight recently. Between various pastors and Bishops, the question must now

United Methodist Church

A Retired Bishop Weighs In

William H. Willimon, is a retired UMC Bishop, and current teacher at Duke Divinity. He. as many, has decided to

United Methodist Church

What Did We Learn?

If you follow the goings on in the United Methodist Church, you will undoubtedly be offered many options to tell

United Methodist Church

A Letter To The Church

Serena Wolfe wrote a wonderful letter to the church that you should take the  the time to read.It is worth it.

United Methodist Church

Carter’s Sermon Cut Up

This will be a little bit disconnected as I have about an hour to get it together, so I apologize