Peter Enns: Why Religion Pollsters Should Go to Seminary First

I have a few more books to read for reviews, but once I am done, I will start with Peter


William Phillips – Reconciling Science and Faith

Question: Does science make faith in God obsolete? William Phillips: Yeah.  Well first of all, I should say that I’m


What? You mean we are more than our physical nature?

Yup, at least according to new experiments by Dr. Robert Lanza, But a series of new experiments suggest this may


In the Mail: I will anger some of you edition

Publisher’s Description: “God, Sex, Science, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics” is a timely, wide-ranging attempt to rescue dialogues


This is your brain – This is your brain on faith

Read the whole article: Newberg argues that religious belief is often personally and socially advantageous, allowing men and women to


Parthenogenesis – The Virgin Birth, Not Just for Christmas Consideration

It’s a big word this time of year:


Is Religion the Ultimate Milgram Experiment?

update (2015) – this post was included videos and references to those videos. The videos have been removed so I’ve replaced it


Guilt and Grief

I work in the Coal Industry, in the safety aspect of it, and I have seen instances of those in