can we continue to trust capitalist academia?

Two articles I want to bring your attention to. The first is the retraction of major polling indicating a major


an enLightening new theory on the origin of life?

There is a new, interesting, theory on the origin of life: “You start with a random clump of atoms, and

Religion and Politics

Solution Aversion… goes with Theory of Motivated Reasoning

Imagine if the cure to a problem went against your political leanings… you are then more likely to admit that


Book Review of @Energion’s “Worshiping with Charles Darwin”

There are a few names unmentionable, at least in the positive sense, from the Christian pulpit. One of them, if


Ken Ham, not content on sending humans to hell, now looks to the stars for the godless

A few weeks ago, Ken Ham posted something decrying the United Methodist Church and our internal troubles. Several of the


It is nearly impossible for an atheist to exist… or science writers for that matter. #science

So sayeth science. Well, actually, a “science writer.” I’ve scanned the article and could not find much in collaborative evidence.


Creationism no longer science in UK schools

Apparently, creationism is no longer allowed to be taught as science in UK schools, which is all well and good,


@AiG is not the place for scientific (or theological) answers

When the Big Bang was first proposed by Jesuit Priest George Lemaître, it was almost discarded because it sounded too