Mental health

Toward a Theology of Mental Health and Wholeness (2)

This journey began by looking at creation and what the intention of God was, from the beginning, for us. It is


Why we are getting dumber

Certain pathologies are increasing. Substance Abuse is widespread and getting worse. And now, we are suffering a drain of intellect:

Mental health

Forgiveness and understanding

This came up in a group the other day. The client was struggling to forgive but decided they needed the


Recovery from Religious Trauma

This is part of an assignment for a group counseling class. I wanted to share it because I think more needs


neutron stars are the universe’s endoplasmic reticulum

A striking shape was recently observed for the endoplasmic reticulum, a cellular organelle consisting of stacked sheets connected by helical

Christian Education

DRAFT: Lit. Review, Science Modeling Attitudes

This is a rough draft of a required Literature Review (pdf) for one of my classes. The subject is near and


Henk de Vos on the things attacking human community

There is, I believe, a need for humans to develop community. When we don’t, we lose a substantial part of


Quantum Physics proves Purgatory!

Well, maybe not…but… Quantum laws tend to contradict common sense. At that level, one thing can be two different things