On Covid, Vaccines, And Christians

Before we start, allow me to make one thing completely clear. I am not going to encourage you to get

New Testament

Riots, And Fig Trees, And Temples, O My…

A friend on social media who, one day, I hope to be able to cultivate an in person friendship with,

Religion and Politics

Why I’m voting for @WalshFreedom STILL

 In the state of Colorado, you must tell the Sect. of State that you are no longer running in

Religion and Politics

What does the New Year hold for Evangelicals?

I’ve been busy starting a private practice, but I’ve kept up with the news. Recently, Mark Galli posted a well-argued


When I Was Hungry You…A Brief Look At The Social Gospel

This sign has become a popular rallying point for some Democrats, and others that tend toward the more liberal side


Beyond Memorial Day

As we remember the fallen this Memorial Day, we must remember also that we need to look past it and

Religion and Politics



You Are Doing It Wrong.

“Someone just made a comment on one of my posts, and it is actually a very good suggestion. For each