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If only piper was Wesleyan

Then he’d know salvation and be a lot nicer

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Real Immigration Solutions

Several times in the last weeks, I have been asked about issues at the border and what I thought could

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Things I learned From the Democratic Debate

This is just some reflection on the debate and not an endorsement or condemnation of anyone, other than where specifically


The title for the new book: “Jesus as Divine…”

Look… I know. The title is… something. But buy the book before you attempt to burn me at the stake.

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Yes We Should Pray For Rulers, No This Is Not Terribly Accurate

Franklin Graham, the patron saint of Trump, called for Sunday to be a day prayer for the President, and because

United Methodist Church

Unto the Church of Thyatira, write …


Beyond Memorial Day

As we remember the fallen this Memorial Day, we must remember also that we need to look past it and

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Behold, The Bishops Are Not Doing a New Thing…Again, or Still?

Another Bishop’s meeting, another statement. At this point it is to be expected that such a statement is out of touch