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Sermon for Holy Thursday

In Montrose, just south of us (although it feels like traveling North), they have a clergy association that pulls the

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Christ the King Sunday, 20 Nov 16 (Ravenswood, WV, Sermon)

I know this is late… If you want to hear it, click here to download it from Dropbox. Every day

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recent sermon at Thornville UMC

This was delivered, not precisely as below (but when you are talking…), at Thornville United Methodist Church, 17 Oct 2015.

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“Where is King David? In Sodom” (“sermon”)

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak (a ┬álay person can’t preach unless they are approved, licensed, and

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Sunday Morning Sermon @Ravenswood1UMC

I… I just got here. To the United Methodist Church, I mean. I didn’t survive the time the conservatives split

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Here it goes… my Sat. evening talk at @Ravenswood1UMC, on the topic of sin

So, if you want, you can watch me speak/sermonize/lecturize/preach/destroy Romans 5 if you want:

Sermon Notes

Final thoughts after the Revival

I used the REB, clutched my rosary tightly, and preached about prevenient grace this morning. Friday, I preached of inspiration


Abraham as Allegory for the Mind (St. Ambrose

Abraham represents the mind. In fact Abraham signifies passage. Therefore, in order that the mind, which in Adam had allowed