John Wesley

Wesleyan Poems: On the Resurrection #NaPoMo

1 ALL ye that seek the Lord who died, Your God for sinners crucified, Prevent the earliest dawn, and come

John Wesley

Poems by Wesley: Grieve Not the Holy Spirit

April is National Poetry Month. While we know that John and Charles wrote hymns, they also wrote poems… some of


Mark Signorelli: The Poet as Namer

I think it is from this author. Anyway, this is a great essay on the power and duty of the


No, Virgil….

W.H. Auden on Virgil’s political tone? No, Virgil, no Not even the first of the Romans can learn His Roman


The Dialogic Red, Red Rose

Poetry is not monologic, but rather, dialogic, even poetry as rustic as this: O my Luve’s like a red, red


Marcus Argentarius’ Love is Not

Love is not just a function of the eyes. Beautiful objects will, of course, inspire Possessive urges – you need


Argentarius’ Once More

Golden-horned moon and fire-bright stars whom Ocean receives in her bosom, do you see these things, how myrrhbreathing Ariste has


Jāmī (Sufi Mystic) on Love

“You may try a hundred things, but Love alone will release you from your self. So never flee from Love