Interaction: God, Science, Sex, Gender – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics (1)

This will be a continuing dialogue as I read through this book. In what is bound to elicit heated arguments


In the Mail: I will anger some of you edition

Publisher’s Description: “God, Sex, Science, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics” is a timely, wide-ranging attempt to rescue dialogues


A Christian and his agnostic partner

Retired Australian high court judge Michael Kirby is a committed Christian. His partner of 41 years Johan van Vloten is


You Don’t Belong Here

I don’t like fornicators – those who indulge in extra-martial sex. Nope, they have no self-control, giving into lust and


In Defense of Love : Video Summation

The Robot Pirate Ninja, more commonly known as Roy has issued a video summation of his argument in defense of


The Noetic Effects of Sin

First, here is an interesting piece by Dr. Michael McGuire of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in which he mentions a


Exploring Convictions – Music in the Church

I have recently come across some very disturbing news concerning Kirk Talley (here as well). It seems that for some