Gender Issues

A Mommy Poem

Dr. Gayle alerts us to a poem from here. That’s it.

Gender Issues

Women and Slaves Are Not Equal To Men

I am not an expert on Aristotle, you can find such as expert here, but while I read reading The

Gender Issues

Quote of the Day – Spare No One From Ridicule

I don’t know if anyone remembers “As Good as it Gets,” with Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, and Jack Nicholson. Such

Gender Issues

Are Women born to Suffer?

Recently I had two separate conversations with women who essentially stated the same thought: women are born to suffer. Do


Friday’s Question of the Day: Is Feminism Incompatible with the Bible

Or perhaps a literal interpretation, plain sense reading? Or did Paul believe in roles assigned among gender? And, how do

Gender Issues

Feminism in the Gospel of Mark

Jeff, citing Alan Cole, has posted the following instances of women in the Gospel of Mark: Jesus had a close

Gender Issues

Miriam, a female church leader

The Blogger at Church Discipline wrote this piece some time ago, and I am just now getting around to posting