Interaction: God, Science, Sex, Gender – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics (1)

This will be a continuing dialogue as I read through this book. In what is bound to elicit heated arguments


Galatians 3.28 with N.T. Wright and Philo – Neither ‘Male and Female’

Thanks to TC for the link to Wright’s sermon from which I draw this post. οὐκ ἔνι Ἰουδαῖος οὐδὲ Ἕλλην,

Church Government

Hammering out more on Women in Ministry

David, a new blogger and a Facebook friend, has written a post on women in ministry which I should like

Gender Issues

If you believe in the Trinity… why not women leaders?

This post is older, as Daniel has moved on, further down the road, but I still want to call your

Gender Issues

Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani

A veteran Iranian human rights activist has warned that Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a mother of two, could be stoned to

Bible Translation

Women Have No Place in the (Literature of the) Body of Christ

Obviously Fuller Theological Seminary, or some section of it, requires a gender-inclusive translation (Either the NRSV or the TNIV, and


In the Mail: I will anger some of you edition

Publisher’s Description: “God, Sex, Science, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics” is a timely, wide-ranging attempt to rescue dialogues

Gender Issues

Domestic Discipline – If your wife back talks…

IF you are currently in a relationship like this, or in any relationship that carries with it the signs of