Debate: “Do relations of authority and submission exist eternally among the Persons of the Godhead?”

If only I was closer… Henry Center Media. Ware-Grudem Vs. McCall-Yandell on the Trinity The Carl F. H. Henry Center


Reviewing Early Christian Doctrines – The Divine 'Triad' (pt1)

Note: I had to break the discussion on this chapter up into two. I will post the other one, I

Church Government

Call no man Father; Call no man Teacher

Some background, first. Start here. Then go here. This is not intended to be a rebuttal or a response, just


Reviewing 'Early Christian Doctrines' – Inspiration and Interpretation of the Scriptures

Now, is that a shocker or what? A fundamentalist displaying an icon as an opening volley. On the left is


Reviewing Early Christian Doctrines

Sometime ago, Fr. Robert asked me to pick up J.N.D. Kelly’s book, Early Christian Doctrines. Unfortunately, I have not had

Church Government

Centrality of the Church to the Christian, Pt 3 Doctrine and Accountability

Part 1 Part 2 Sermon Note: Doctrine A Centrality of the Church to the Christian is that the Church provides


Unus Deus – Ignatius

Ignatius usually gets a  bludgeoning from various people and groups that I deal with personally, but in the end I


Unus Deus – Where we are…

Some time ago, I engaged in a discussion concerning Modalism and Trinitarianism. These following articles/posts are a result of that