Scratchpad: Before and After

We are preparing for two exegetical papers in NT 1 class – One on a Gospel and one a catholic


Palm Branches: Intertextually Reading Revelation, Psalm 118, Maccabees and the Psalms of Solomon

Last night during our small group study on the Book of Revelation, the leader who happens to be the pastor

Psalms of Solomon

Messianic Pre-Existence in the Psalms of Solomon

Only sharing snippets of what I am working on ‘behind the scenes’…. I brought this topic up last week on

Psalms of Solomon

Thoughts on Rahlfs Emendation on Psalms of Solomon 17.32

In 1935, Alfred Rahlfs published his Septuaginta. Id Est Vetus Testamentum grace iuxta LXX interpretes, 2 vols (Stuttgart:Wurttembergische Bibelanstalt). In

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 17-18 – Analysis

Psalm 17 – A Psalm. Pertaining to Salomon. With an Ode. Pertaining to the king. The seventeenth psalm represents the

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalms 12-16 – Analysis

Psalm 12 – Pertaining to Salomon. Against the tongue of the transgressor of the Law. Starting with the twelfth psalm


Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 11 – Analysis

Psalm 11 – Pertaining to Salomon. Regarding Expectation. Nickelsburg does not see a reference to a Davidic King in this

Psalms of Solomon

Psalms of Solomon, Psalm 8-10 – Analysis

Psalm 8- Pertaining to Salomon. Regarding Victory This Psalm is parallel with the second Psalm, in which we do not