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How We Talk About Guns

I am pretty sure that unless you live under a rock, you have read an opinion on guns recently. This

Global Methodist Church

Concerns For The Global Methodist Chruch- The Culture Wars Edition

This is one of those topics that always seems to have some questioning my traditional theological grounding, but here we


Beyond Memorial Day

As we remember the fallen this Memorial Day, we must remember also that we need to look past it and


A Deal With The Devil

From time to time I get angry about a thing. When I do, it usually comes out here. Today I

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Justice, Mercy, and Kavanaugh

If you are a Democrat, you likely think, at least so far as the media is reporting, that Judge Kavanaugh


17 Years Later

Like many people, I remember where I was. When such massive tragedy occurs, there is a sort of national trauma

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What You Do To the Least of These, Taking It Political

Like many people, I am horrified at what is happening on our borders. I take it personally. The first step toward any


Kneeling, Standing, First Amendment, and Football.

The National Football League has instituted a new policy for it’s players during the National Anthem, and of course the uproar