Beyond Memorial Day

As we remember the fallen this Memorial Day, we must remember also that we need to look past it and


A Deal With The Devil

From time to time I get angry about a thing. When I do, it usually comes out here. Today I

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Justice, Mercy, and Kavanaugh

If you are a Democrat, you likely think, at least so far as the media is reporting, that Judge Kavanaugh


17 Years Later

Like many people, I remember where I was. When such massive tragedy occurs, there is a sort of national trauma

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What You Do To the Least of These, Taking It Political

Like many people, I am horrified at what is happening on our borders. I take it personally. The first step toward any


Kneeling, Standing, First Amendment, and Football.

The National Football League has instituted a new policy for it’s players during the National Anthem, and of course the uproar