Bible Translation

Satan: Accuser or Executioner?

I had the privilege today of interviewing Dr. Ryan Stokes of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He told me about his

Dead Sea Scrolls

Insert Pun about the Virgin Birth – My take

First, it begins here with comments by Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou, an expert in the Hebrew bible. T. Michael Law, the expert in


Torment In Enoch (1)

This is not meant to be all encompassing, but some of the passages in Enoch which allude to our notion


A New Translation of 2nd Enoch

There is a new translation of 2nd Enoch which you can download at the link below. ht – Jim Davila.


Team Enoch: Vampirism in the Fallen Angels?

As I was listening to Dr. Dragos Giulea of Marquette University speaking about something dealing with the fallen angels in


1st Enoch 46 – The Pre-Existent Son of Man

While examining pre-existence in the Psalms of Solomon, which is most likely an ‘ideal pre-existence’, I came across a reference


A Brief Survey of Creation in Genesis in 2nd Temple Judaism (2 – Creation)

This is a three part series. (here, here and here)


Intersection: 1st Enoch 82.4-7 and Daniel 7.25

The Book(s) of Enoch are a series of mini-sections touching on differing themes and providing fodder for biblical studies, especially