Good essay on “Big History”

This topic has fascinated me for a while. I won’t take you through the entire essay, as this fellow did,


the erosion of moral facts?

Are we teaching our children that only “proven” facts can be called right? Indeed, such is the proposition ]] makes

Christian Education

Unsettled Christianity and Settler Colonialism

Everyone repeats the same line: Sunday is the most segregated day of the week, and remains so. Why does some


You were meant to read this post

Via the Twitters…


The Moral Responsibility in Determinism?

At a men’s discussion group I get to participate in every now and then, we have started to hammer out


More science against the notion of Free Will

Recently, I’ve been involved in several discussions related to Free Will and the such. I do not hold to Free


Free Will, Determinism, or Compatibilism? (POLL)

Just wanted to get a flavor of where you are at:  


I’m not sure I agree

Define “require”… define “truth.” For instance, the pastor who died over the weekend because he “had the truth.” The truth