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2 Samuel 7: Is It About Jesus?

Hello, good readers of Unsettled Christianity. This is Abram K-J of Words on the Word. Joel made the mistake kind


Scratchpad: Exegesis of the Greek 2 Samuel 7.1-17

Yep, the gift of Seminary. Personally, and don’t tell my wife I said this, but I am thinking that the


Scratchpad: Exegesis of 2nd Samuel 7.4-17 lxx – Suggestions?

We are required to submit notes this go around. I wouldn’t mind some helpful suggestions… 2nd Samuel 7.4-17 Preliminary Observations:

Old Testament

Scratchpad: Intertextually speaking…

You know the drill: The Question: Read the essay by Vivian L. Johnson and discuss elements that an intertextual reading

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The question? Discuss the issues surrounding Israel’s move to having a human king as their ruler. What role, if any,

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Examining God’s Word – Davidic Covenant in 2nd Samuel 7.10-16

As this is important, and figures very prominently in the book I am currently reading, I thought that I might