Sunday Psalm – Psalm 129

A new feature I am trying… and if any contributor want’s to contribute, please do so! Psalm 129:1 A song


Saturate – Psalm 2

I know – more with the Psalm singing: httpv://


Scott Brenner – Psalm 2

I am enjoying the different styles of Psalm Singing – haven’t found a bluegrass one yet, however.


Exploring Revelation, Psalm 2 and The Enthronement of the Son as God

I’ve been pondering a few things lately, and one of them is the relation of Psalm 2 to Revelation (especially


Psalm Singing for Today? The Sons of Korah and Psalm 148

Since I started this blog and entered into the world that I inhabit, I have been interested in Psalm singing


Psalm 113 and The Feminine Voice in the Psalter

I declare unto you that I am not now, nor have I ever been a feminist. Sure, I have flirted


Reading(s) Psalm 2

Matt Larson has a series going which I thought might be of interest to you. This particular post is of


Matthew Flannagan and Psalm 14 – Could he be more wrong?

No, not Matt, the other ‘he’ which we don’t mention. Matthew has entered into the conversation on Psalm 14.1 and