St Jerome on your fable of the millennium

I thought this was a hoot… given how much dispensationalism still runs rampant: Verses 17, 18. “These four great beasts

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon memes

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Song of Solomon

the “best” books on the Song of Solomon

This is only a brief book list for the Song of Solomon. ]] ]] ]] ]] ]] ]] ]] ]]

Song of Solomon

Michael Goulder on the Song of Solomon

For those of you who don’t know about the late Dr. Michael Goulder, he is the one who well defined

Song of Solomon

Does Song of Solomon argue with Genesis 1-3 about human sexuality ?

If, as some critics have argued, the Song’s humanistic viewpoint represents an Israelite poet’s self-conscious attempt to “demythologize” ancient Near

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon: Kisses aren’t just Kisses, and Love isn’t just Love

Keel sees Song 1.2–3 pulling from a Ugaritic myth, one of Shachar and Shalim, where the god El bends over

Song of Solomon

St. Cyril of Jerusalem (and more) on how not to read the Song of Solomon

There is a deep aversion to reading the Songs as “secular,” as if carnality — sexual and physical love is

Song of Solomon

can sex and marriage be metaphor? (Song of Solomon)

I would rather see Song of Solomon as a poetic text describing the sexual longing and relationship between a woman