Doctoral Work


notes. not edited. notes.  In attempting to decide whether or not to place him and his self-inflicted death as a

Doctoral Work

Judges 5.2

A bit ago, David M. posted a question about Judges 5.2 on Facebook. As you know, I am currently researching


Richard Mourdock and Biblical Values – He’s right.

“I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God,


Don’t tell the Evangelicals, but the bible has sex in it. A lot.

So, Joseph was a “stud,” as ]] describes him, but he wasn’t the only sex fiend in Scripture. The Bible


Judges 4.17-22 – The Rape of Sisera?

Image via Wikipedia Keep in mind, this is a rough draft of a first semester Seminary student. Judges 4.17-22 is

Gender Issues

The Moral Decline of Israel in Judges

Image via Wikipedia This is a rough draft of a response paper required in OT class. It deals with how


Exegete: Judges 4.17-22

Our end of the semester project in Old Testament 1, we are doing some exegetical work on Judges 4.17-22. Instead