Satan the Christian?

My family and I are incredibly lucky that a pastor sought us out. Out faith was solid, we had been


James is right – Jeremiah was a Deuteronomist

James has a quote and then writes, Oh, I like that! It sounds like Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Imagine finding it


Scratchpad – Exegesis of Jeremiah 31.31-37 – Suggestions?

Admittedly, I wanted a passage for this work-up which was easy because my intention is not to focus on this


Does the NLT get it right in Jeremiah 31.35-37? Even Rodney agrees…

While doing the work up on this for my OT class, I noticed something which again reminds me of why


God Wouldn’t Have Circumvented Natural Laws in Creation – Jeremiah 31.35-36

One of the common explanations of the miraculous Creation, as many understand Genesis 1 to mean, is that God ignored


Scriptural Testimony to Preservation and the Need to have a Critical Text

Textual Criticism is a necessary enterprise for the Church. Since the very beginning, men (women are off the hook here


Who will be a Prophet?

We often like to read from and quote the prophets. But if you’ve ever met a real prophet you know


Sirach 5.1-8 God is the Lord (Reposted – Revised and Expanded)

Sirach 5:1-8 (1)  Do not set your heart on your wealth, nor say, “I am independent.” (2)  Do not follow