Some Theological Resources on The Letter to the Romans

These are just some of the examples: Introduction to the Letter to the Romans From the New American Bible Romans

Religion and Politics

Romans 13.1-7, c. 1985 – South Africa

The Kairos Document was signed in the mid-1980’s in South Africa. It was a response to the idea being proposed


2 ways to live – Romans 13

I was privileged last night to read an email from our church youth pastor,  inviting me to preach on Romans 13 on

New Testament

Jacob I loved; but Esau I hated!

Romans 9 contains a passage about God hating Esau; but loving Jacob  The question in regards to God hating and


Did Paul Believe or otherwise know of the Virgin Birth?

Or so was the question posed last night. As we know from the Creeds, the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ


Was Paul a Convert?

No, not really. He believed in God, but didn’t know who Christ was. Unlike many who do neither, Paul’s Damascus


Cherry Picking the Bible

The other day, I posted about a internet “pastor” who says that the Letter to the Romans is a demonic


What To Do With Romans?

Apparently we are to burn it. File this under “Internet Cracks”…or “Very, Very Bad Hermeneutics”. I couldn’t make this stuff