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@Steve_Runge should be flogged, flayed, and foot roasted @logos @academiclogos

I had the pleasure of having a meal with Steve Runge at SBL this past year (2012). He is a


But, Romans 1.26-27 isn’t about Creation or Homosexuality…

If Romans 1 is accepted as having a clear echo of the creation story, then on a very foundational level


Kennedy, Rhetoric and Romans

One of the striking images which Kennedy paints is by the brush of ]], upon whose canvas the picture of


Stowers, Protreptic Rhetoric and Romans

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is a much heralded work to which has been contributed the greatest theological revolutions, from


Too brief of an exegesis on Romans 8.1-17

No, I’m not happy with being only to write a 1000 word max exegesis/paper, but I have to. Anyway, this


Wright’s Introduction and Overview to Romans

Stuff like this cannot be shared enough: ht.


Preaching on Romans 13 this Sunday

Our night service has been working through the book of Romans and I have had the pleasure of being invited


Scratchpad: Romans 13.1-7 through the lens of the Kairos Document

This is another classwork assignment. It is meant to be short and sweet and too the point. I find that