The Hardened individual

The Church has frequently ignored that Paul considered the heart to be ametanoetos, incapable of repentance: therefore the Church often zealously


“Romans” in @FortressPress Commentary on the Bible: The New Testament

Romans is one of the most difficult New Testament books. It has started Reformations and continues to plague us as


On γαρ’d: touché

Here’s the full paper from the HBU Theology Conference. To be read at SBL2014.  

Logos Bible Software

Some thoughts of the Lexham High Definition New Testament @logosacademic

I can’t tell you why, yet, but I’ve suddenly become interested in highlighting the High Definition series from Logos. This


is this how you describe the “framework” of Romans? (HT: @ivpress)

IVP Books recently published a book titled, Frameworks, How to Navigate the New Testament by ]]. Frameworks is a fresh, innovative


Latest on @HuffPostRelig – Romans 1.26-7

So, this is not everyone’s cup o’tea and some may disagree. That’s fine. Let’s talk. The Bible ‘Says’ Homosexuality Is

Bible Translation

On γαρ’d

Douglas Campbell’s Deliverance of God has generated lots of discussion, especially on Romans 1:18-32. The γαρ in 1:18 has been a problem for


Paul’s use of Isaiah in Romans

A direct quote is not intertextuality, in my humble open. It is a quote. It is not an allusion, because