the bible and country music, “Revelation” and Merle Haggard’s “Big City”

Do you know how difficult it is to find a country song about the acid trip that is Revelation? I


You keep using that word, χλιαρός

The ‘lukewarmness’ of Laodicea is to be related to the local water-supply, as suggested by Rudwick and Green. Their interpretation


Revelation with a ‘pre-Christian’ core?

James Tabor writes – In the references below I have put these interpolative elements bold italicized brackets. This exercise strongly

Dead Sea Scrolls

Revelation 10 and the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice (4Q400-7)

Again, sorry for the brevity, just wanted to put this out there. By now, you know I am working on

Dead Sea Scrolls

Some affinity between Revelation 9 and 4Q300 (also 1QMysteries)

So, I don’t want to really get into this at the moment, but if you look at Revelation 9, you


Blogging my Book: Revelation 3.7–13 and 1 Cor 11.27–32 – The Eucharist in View

So, I am trying not to go too far into the literary connections between Revelation and other parts of Scripture


Hypothesis – Historical Present (Mark, John, Revelation)

I wanted to write this for first to start my thought process and second, perhaps, for discussion: Matthew        94/78 Mark  


So, if we take Revelation 17.9 “futurist-literal” doesn’t this disqualify the Catholic Church

Again, following with the theme from the last post. Got me to thunkin’. Revelation 17.9 says the city on seven