Bible Translation

Hebrews – Chapter 3

Hebrews 3:1-19 from the Commentary in Translation Version (1)  Therefore, holy brethren, sharers of the heavenly calling: fix your eyes

Bible Translation

Hebrews – Chapter 2

Hebrews 2:1-18 from the Commentary in Translation Version (1)  For this reason, it is necessary to more exceedingly hold to


Factionalism in the Body of Christ

Justin, in his ‘Dialogue with Trypho the Jew’ (63.5) speaks of the Church, Moreover, that the word of God speaks

Bible Translation

Hebrews – Chapter 1

The Epistle of Hebrews has a rather shady past – no one knows who wrote it. It was originally written


Is the Study of Doctrine Important?

In several places in the New Testament, the Word of God is served up in culinary terms: And I, brethren,


Exploring the Church in Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians, pt 1

The Editors of the Orthodox Study Bible say, “One of the tragic aberrations of the so-called modern religion is ‘Churchless

Church History

John Chrysostom on the Methods of Persuasion

And not even now persuade we by argumentation; but from the Divine Scriptures and from the miracles done at that

Church History

The Medicine of Scriptures

Tarry not, I entreat, for another to teach you; you have the oracles of God. No man teaches you as