Gospel Criticism

Proverbs 22 as the Mimetic Precursor to Matthew 10 (Also, Luke used Matthew and Mark)

I’d like you to compare, for a moment, Matthew 10 and Proverbs 22 (see it in the LXX here). Not,


Two Asses and Jesus (Matthew 21.2)

This is another quick post (mainly for memory’s sake). In Mark 11.2, Jesus commands his disciples to go and get


The (high) role of Mary in P.Oxy. 2 (P1)?, or Holy Protestant Heresy, Pope Peter!

Jones notes, That early Christians continued to recognize Mary as the one who gave birth to Jesus is evidenced in a variety


Joel Willitts 2, Warren Carter 1 (Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not @ivpacademic)

I’ve never been one to take anything wholesale, including the theories and/or hypotheses I agree with. So, when it comes


Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament – Personal Thoughts

I apologize for the delay for this final post. It’s the time of year for academic conferences. I just got


Can we use 1 Peter 2.6-8 to translate Matthew 28.18-19?

No doubt, you’ve read of my struggles with Matthew 16.18-19 (here as well). For my final exegesis paper in my

Gospel Criticism

Mark Goodacre’s The Synoptic Problem: A Way Through the Maze

You don’t have to a Kindle to enjoy this… since there are free apps for your phone, iPad 2, pc.


Clearly teaches? Plain Sense?

Well, at least I feel like we have the author of Matthew’s Gospel on our side: There he made his