my SBL paper at Working on a Building: Mark’s Correspondence to Daniel’s Structure

I’ve uploaded my  paper presented at the Markan Literary Sources seminar, Working on a Building: Mark’s Correspondence to Daniel’s Structure, to


Is Jesus God in the Gospel of Mark?

Michael Kruger states, In fact, it is worth noting that Mark presents Jesus as God from the very opening few


Hypothesis – Historical Present (Mark, John, Revelation)

I wanted to write this for first to start my thought process and second, perhaps, for discussion: Matthew        94/78 Mark  


Palam, Aperte, Silentium – Something Hidden in Plain Sight? (The Gospel of Mark)

I briefly made use of this in my book, but it bears more examination and given the question I was


Yes, I’m back – now to destroy Tom and save the Gospel of Mark

Parallelism is a dangerous disease, as I believe Tom has shown us with this post. In this post, he suggests


Showing you some Asso! #SBL, Daniel, Mark, Caesar, and Lucan. @degruyter_TRS

I mention in my book Lucan using Caesar’s structure to somewhat frame his own poem. And it should be really,


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra – Mark’s use of Literary Sources

So, I’ve been thinking about Mark’s use of literary sources and what they might mean. I do think that choice


Mark’s Vantage Point? @icanhasgozpel

Chris asked me a question about this line in a book: Clearly, from Mark’s vantage point, the ministry of Jesus